Mother’s Day

So Mother’s Day came and went. It is kind of a strange day for me in our family because there is joy and sadness. Joy for the celebration of my wife and all that she does for the kids that only she, a mom, can do. Sadness for the loss of opportunity to celebrate our […]

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Summit 9

Devon and I spent some time last week at a conference to help support adoption/foster care ministries and families on the adoption/foster care journey. There were so many deep, life promoting quotes and I needed to jot them down somewhere… My job as a parent is to position my kids to hear the voice of […]

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Parenting…I’m tired

It seems to me one of the biggest parts of parenting—besides surviving each day—is figuring out and discovering who our children really are and encouraging them to become who they were meant to be. I just read that excerpt from Orange Parents, a site that has had many good insights into parenting and this one […]

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Letting Go And Loving

As a parent it’s been a difficult journey lately to learn about raising a kid to be an adult and not enforcing rules to get expected behaviors. Today a friend of mine stressed the value of letting go and still loving. To let your child go and learn from failing is part of parenting and […]

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May Update

I hope things are going well for you. I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent an update to you. It is hard to believe that summer is almost here. It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas. Thank you for your prayers and if there is anything we can be praying for you, […]

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