May Update

I hope things are going well for you. I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent an update to you. It is hard to believe that summer is almost here. It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas.

Thank you for your prayers and if there is anything we can be praying for you, please let me know. Seriously….just email me or call me.

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Family Update

Easton has started playing indoor soccer after a short hiatus from organized sports. He is finding his spot on the team and enjoying it a lot. It is a smaller league organized through the military here in San Diego. It fits our budget and his skill level perfectly. So far his team has won 1 game and tied 2. I guess you can call that undefeated!

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Ministry Update

Over the last month I have been part of some great conversations about where NNYM is headed, what is happening in the youth ministry world, and potential partnerships with some great organizations.

It is encouraging to hear stories like this and to be part of encouraging youth workers to enable the youth in their community to truly change the culture.

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Family Update

Madison has been participating in Christian Youth Theater, CYT, and loving it. It is an introductory class and they are learning Disney songs and choreographing movements with them. Next Monday is her final class and there is a performance for all the parents to attend. She is in her element singing and dancing. I think this will grow into more CYT classes and who knows, maybe SYTYCD or AI?

Devon has been juggling her work for Bethany Christian Services, Vista Del Mar, and Olive Crest while taking on a huge project. This summer our church is putting on a sports camp as an outreach to the kids in the community and Devon is in charge of the registration process, from creating the registration form to planning and executing the check-in for the week. I am not sure how she does it….oh I remember, she is organized. I gotta try that sometime.

I am also involved in the sports outreach this summer. I am the….wait for it…..emcee/camp mascot. I know, shocking. I will be spending the week interacting with the kids while they are playing their sport and also be on the stage keeping things moving. I am excited to see what God has in store for the community and church. I’ll update you all in July about the event.

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Ministry Update

I am also working on developing a better overall communication/marketing plan. We are refining our message and working on reaching every youth worker to encourage, resource, and challenge them to reach the youth in their entire community.

It’s exciting to be part of conversations that are helping the ministry move forward and seeing youth workers have success.

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Financial Update

Devon decided to stop her adjunct professorship at Point Loma Nazarene University this year. It put a lot of extra stress on life and she felt it impacted her opportunity to meet the kids teachers in the beginning of the school year. So, we are going to be missing that extra income this year. While it wasn’t a lot, $3,000, it will make a dent in our financial situation.

On another note, Devon has been busier with her job at Olive Crest and will most likely add 5 hours/week over the summer which helps pay for the kids summer activities.

I had an opportunity to present my ministry to the impact committee at our church and they seemed very positive about adding us to their list of supported missionaries.

Prayer Update

Some of you have been praying for our struggle with the unemployment department here in California. Basically we had been sued over $20,000 of unemployment I had received and have spent 8 months fighting it. After pleading our case in front of a judge and him ruling in our favor and a final 2 hour phone call last week, the funds we paid back, almost $2,000 should be returned to us. This has been a huge burden on my shoulders as we prayed and struggled about what we should do. So, praise that by the middle of June this ordeal should be over!

Pray for the summer….we have some events planned for the kids and Devon and I need to juggle our schedules to be with them.

Pray that Devon and I can find time for our marraige. It’s been busy lately and our time together is either going over the calkendar or wrestling the kids to do homework, brush their teeth, and go to bed. We both know we are missing spouse time, but haven’t found time to carve it out.